Monday, January 11, 2010

How this all got started.

Last weekend, I was reading this really great blog ( and was looking at some of her DIY tutorials. My favorite was the rain gutter me...they are awesome! Then I saw a tutorial for homemade laundry soap. I thought to myself, "It must be nice to have the time to make your own cleaning products."

Then I decided to read the recipe.

I was taken quite by surprise! It was so simple! I told hubby that I had to try it and at first he just gave me this, "okay" look and really probably did not give it a second thought. Then I showed him how cheap it was going to be...

We normally would spend about $14 for the amount I was making which was costing...

get this...

About $1.30!

He was sold! Later that day I also found a recipe for fabric softener and gave it a try too.

This began my facination and addiction to making my own cleaning products!

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