Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Book Reviw: If I Could Ask God Anything

Book Description

Awesome Bible answers for curious kids!

If I Could Ask God Anything is a unique kid-friendly book jam-packed with clear, fresh answers to important questions about God, faith, prayer, and Christianity in language that children can understand. Using kid-friendly language, established author Kathryn Slattery tackles "toughies" such as:

If God is invisible, how do I know He is real? Did Jesus live on Earth before or after the dinosaurs? Why should I go to church? When I die, do I become an angel with a halo and wings? How can the Holy Spirit help me? Does God stop loving me when I sin? This book will help young readers establish a closer relationship with God as well as help parents nurture their child's mind and spirit with this well-rounded, Scripture-based guide.


If I Could Ask God Anything: Awesome Bible Answers for Curious Kids by Kathryn Slattery is a really wonderful book and a great resource for parents. In this book, the author supports answers to every question with scripture. The book answers questions about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Church, The Bible, Christianity, Christian Holidays, the Hard Questions, Being a Chrisan here and now and Being a Christian Forever.

While my own child is too young to ask most of these questions, I know this book will be a handy guide as he grows in his understanding of the Lord. While parents may know the answers to these questions, this book has answers in the language that speaks to kids...not at them. I even learned some things while reading answers about Christian Holidays.

I would recommend this book to any parent or child looking to have answers regarding the Christian faith and life. Two thumbs up!

Thank you to the Thomas Nelson Book Sneeze Club for providing me a copy of this book for review. I was not paid for my review and the opinions expressed are my own.